Monday, 21 June 2010

Sex with Venus De Milo, By Hannah Keith

Each night brought new pink flushes
amid the bitter blankets, we were naked
from the waste up, knotted in white sheets.

You wrapped, unwrapped me like
I was a game. In over excitement you
would pound my cold face with kisses, licks, bites.

Hours spent dancing, struggle would end.
Our breathing would even as I peeled the
skin from an apple, coil it around my fingers to feed you

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  1. this has pulp....I enjoyed it...


Chasing Sea Monsters, By Hannah Keith


I suck at you from a thousand directions coiling around each limb,
obsess over each hair. Harass you with my muscles, adore your skin

flat beneath me. My boneless body can twirl around you, wound
firm against you. You try to pull from me, panic sets in when you

meet my stare. Your body gets colder as we fall deeper
meshing, I study the skin turning pale, transform my red

spirals to match, I regenerate with you. Can you feel it? I am
secure falling here skimming the ocean floor.


20 meters of me, slips through the water trailing you. I track
that teasing oil covered blood that reeks from your fishing nets.
Swallowing smaller fish, insipid by comparison. Slick skin follows,
drains stained water into nostrils. Unaware the boat slows
rippling through my territory.

I rise behind your tail, one sharp smooth fin putting you in your place.
You start to speed from me, It’s just a shark .I rise through the tide,
shadowing I will emancipate your fishing boat as you shrink into yourself
making your pupils to dilute into thick black holes. Thousands of teeth
slice through you, scrupulous, not to miss a bite.


I loaf just below the surface, drifting in dreams of
big turtles who carry a hunched back baking
in the sun. Too hot to move, so I sleep here cooling.
Sleep for days ... remote. While you fishermen and pirates
look for land I stray slowly...closer too you.
Boats are tied to my landfill, flames start all over my shell,
muffling my cries as you stomp around my body.
I swim away I swim deep, fast. Smothering my body in
black water, anchoring down...